tv-player is a little program that that permit you to watch live web streaming contents.

This version is dedicated to DjNeophyte, a friend who now is gone but who followed us and supported from the beginning.

Download the source code

You can download the source code from Bazaar, just write in a shell:
bzr branch lp:tv-player

Precompiled packages

Arch Linux

You cand download the package for ArchLinux form AUR you can find it here.

Debian and derivates (Ubuntu, Mint...)

Link to the Debian pachage. SIf you use Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) or a previous version, you have to download first flvstreamer to use all the features of the program.

Altre distributions

If you distribution isn't in the list, you can install tv-player downloading the universal installer and running as Supr User (root) the script


python (>=2.6), pygtk (>=2.16), flvstreamer, libmms0, gst-base, gst-good, gst-bad, gst-ugly, python-gst

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